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Don’t think that you will be missing out on socialization if you go with in home training. Socialization is a huge part of our training. Your dog will feel confident and will respond in all types of situations once the training is completed.

Field Trips:  Field trips give us the opportunity to teach your dog manners in public as well as socialize him to people, kids, cars, noises, and animals. There will be a wide variety of commands used on the field trips that are different from the commands we will use at home. Field Trips are an important part to maintaining good behavior at home when company arrives. Socializing also gives us the opportunity to reform aggressive and shy/submissive dogs.

Walk in the Park:   In the park we want your dog to be able to run, sniff and play. We have an additional set of commands your dog will learn at the park to make sure he doesn’t run off, chase joggers, or run up to other dogs.

Dog Parties:  We also periodically hold dog parties. This helps us teach the dogs how to play nicely with each other as well as with adults and kids that are there. I only allow dogs I have trained to attend the dog parties. This way we can ensure that all the dogs attending will listen and behave with one another. Most people keep in touch with me through the dog parties. This way you can ask questions, keep your dog socialized throughout his life, not to mention give him a workout playing with all the pups.

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