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These are some of the commands we will be working on. I like to start with 21 commands and will add on more as we go through the training. We will cover different obedience, behavioral, social, domestication, and safety commands. All command words can be changed and adjusted for each dog.

Obedience Commands:
  • Heel
  • Automatic Sit
  • Down/Side
  • Sit/Side
  • Down Stay
  • Sit Stay
  • Down in Motion
  • Sit in Motion
  • Down/Front
  • Sit/Front
  • Come
  • Place Mat
  • Ok (Release)
Behavioral Commands:
  • Thank You
  • Hurry Up
  • Kennel Up
  • Straighten it
  • No Pull
  • Be Nice
  • Stay Close
  • Door Running
  • Hup
  • Off
Boundary Training

Public Commands

Park Commands

Front Door/Doorbell Commands

Obedience Commands:   At the first lesson we will sit down together and choose what words/commands you like to say to your dog. For example, some people say “drop it,” while other people say “give,” or “thank you.” I adapt to your family’s verbiage so that training will be easier for you.

Potty Training:   If you need help with potty training I can help you no matter what the problem is. If it is crate training, accidents in the house, or teaching your dog to alert you by ringing a bell or barking to go out, I can help. Many people like their dog to go to the bathroom in one spot. If you would like your dog to do this just let me know and I can help you.

Behavioral Commands:  There will be many behavioral commands we will be going over during the training. These commands will be used in every day life to communicate to your dog that he is displaying certain bad behaviors. Some examples are chewing, play biting, growling, stealing objects, jumping on people, jumping on counters and tables, getting in the garbage, digging, playing tug of war with the leash while walking, and many more. If you are having any behavioral problems with you dog please let me know and we will fix it.

Public Commands:  While we are in public we will use a variety of commands to ensure your dog’s and family’s safety. Some of these commands will be, “people, kids, street, and cars. The “place” command will be used while riding in the car as well as the vet.

Park Commands:  It is imperative your dog listen while going for walks around your community or at the park. We want to make sure it is a happy, enjoyable, experience so that you will want to take your dog out to exercise and socialize. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise he will act out through different behavioral problems. The commands we will teach your dog will give him the freedom to exercise without you fearing the worst.

Boundary Training:  Boundary training teaches your dog where he is allowed to run in your yard. Some people like this as an alterative to electric fences. Boundary training is also very effective if you have a dog and are going to purchase an electric fence but want your dog to learn where he is allowed to go first through commands and obedience. This way he has the knowledge and ability to stay in the yard without the electric collar. Boundary training is also helpful for dogs that bolt out of their electric fences.

Front Door/Door Bell Commands:  When company comes to your house it can be a frustrating and embarrassing time. We like to teach your dog a specific spot to go to when the doorbell rings so you can safely open up the door without your dog jumping on people, or running out the door. This is very helpful so people can get their shoes and coats off and bring things into the house with out your dog getting under foot. This command is a life saver when the UPS or pizza man shows up.

Show Commands:  There are different commands used if you have intensions of showing your dog. Some of these are, “stand,” “finish,” “square off 90’s.” If you are serious about showing your dog in confirmation he can’t learn obedience commands now. He needs to learn his show commands first. Once he has completed his career then he can participate in obedience. Consult your confirmation/show specialist as to when the best time for your dog to start obedience should be.

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